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A long-winded online correspondence is pointless

There are people who spend a lot of free time online replacing real communication by the virtual one. I think if you want to meet somebody, a long-winded correspondence is pointless. A physical date is a physical date.

The Internet is relatively a young medium and it can seem to be a very suitable place for meeting people. It is really huge and almost everyone can use it. Why not but it cannot substitute a face-to-face meeting. You can hardly smell a woman via Facebook, you hardly see her smile, her reactions to your touch etc.

To meet somebody online is not a mistake but:

  • the Internet is not a real life, there is no logical base to place your hopes in a girl with whom you just wrote to each other
  • don´t correspond with her too long and too much, if the girl doesn´t accept a date after ten messages, there is no reason to keep on communicating with her
  • the Internet is a good way how to get a date but don´t expect more
  • being a good writer is not enough to date a girl, a date is a date

People often write a long-winded letter to a virtual person but why? Because they are lazy and have enough time. I don´t think there are other reasons :-) Then they write questions like „she wrote me for a long time and now she doesn´t answer me, what shall I do? " It is too late to do anything. You shouldn´t have corresponded with her so long.

There are girls who make up. For example, ugly freaks who pass themselves off as somebody else. There are also boys who pass themselves off as girls on the Internet. Why? Just like that. I know personally four boys doing that. They do it just as a survey, to learn something from that. They want to know what the other boys write to girls. One of them does it for fun. I don´t know what is funny but it is just like that.

It is nonsense to correspond with somebody for a long time without meeting him/her personally. In most cases you find out during a date that the girl is someone else than you thought. Or there won´t be any date because she is a freak and she made it all up.

A practical example

A friend of mine thought that he picked up a luxurious girl on chat. "A doctor with beautiful face." He showed me the chat history of his „pick-up". I told him: „Bullshit, I can see the style how she writes you, she isn´t a doctor, this is all made-up." He didn´t believe me but just in case he did the following thing: He wrote her an e-mail from a made-up email address. It was more or less like that: „..passing yourself off as somebody else is a criminal act according to the law XY etc., signed J.D. Smith on behalf of plc." Yes, the same day the beautiful „doctor"deleted her profile. If you cannot distinguish what is evidently a rubbish, just realize that those people don´t have time or they don´t feel like chatting. Those people don´t have a profile on Badoo :-)

Online dating experts give us advice

Two of my friends became online dating experts. Finally, they found there a steady relationship. Why not? Both of them told me the same thing: It is useless to correspond with a girl for a long time. If you don´t make an impression during first few messages, you won´t make it even after next 100 messages. If she doesn´t want to meet you in real life, never mind, write to another one! The Internet has a statistical advantage. You can address a hundred of girls just with one message. And one hundred is not a small number. Every tenth girl answers you and finally you can have a few dates.

If you don´t reach to have a date, use the girls as advisors. Ask them what impression you made, tell them your state that you already had ten dates but nothing more happened. Ask them where you made a mistake. A date with just one girl doesn´t mean anything. If you are nervous, have a date every day. You will get used to it after a while and you will become sincere to them. And this is the thing that the girls appreciate the most.