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Advice for women: How to find a man?

I chanced on few women who asked me: „But what about me? What shall I do to meet somebody? "

If you ask women about their dreamed-of man, they mostly answer nonsense like „he should be nice, he should love children"etc. Why is it nonsense? Because women are finally with the men that don´t correspond to this profile. In extreme cases they are finally with lechers and bastards and similar ones. A woman actually doesn´t know exactly those key qualities, much less to say it in „men´s language". It is the same with men, they mostly don´t know exactly what to advise woman to do. It is not easy to see the world by somebody else´s eyes and therefore it is hard to give a piece of advice.

Nevertheless, there are some points that you, girls, may focus on:

  • Be open-minded and communicative. Don´t be afraid to look into men's eyes and smile. Don´t be afraid of appealing him so he can address you and when he does it, talk to him. Lucky are those who are not withdrawn.
  • Take care of yourself and love yourself. Not only a nice dress and a perfect haircut is important but also sports and hobbies. Nobody wants to spend time with lazy chubby woman with lack of energy. Slowly but certainly build up a self-love.
  • If you have children, don´t talk about them too much. It is not the point that children are bad but a man (especially single one) has different hobbies. If you have a date with a man and he talks all the time just about football, you won´t be probably very happy. But be sure there are exceptions and men with children do exist.
  • Don´t be afraid of your sexuality. We all are horny. Me, you, Mr. President. It is o.k., don´t be afraid to show it, even only by an eyewink or by a touch. Don´t be afraid of open relationships.
  • Don´t bother. There are just few things that are as unpleasant as a woman who bothers or complains. Why should a man be with a woman who doesn´t bring him pleasure but only headache? These are words of a friend of mine: If you want to have a princess, you must be a prince. So be a problem-free princess.

Dating is not a rocket science; just go towards to your luck.