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International get-togethers or get-togethers close to you

Meet with other spoken for women or men from your neighborhood or even abroad. Flirteeast will satisfy even the most demanding users, our hesitant members can follow the profiles of married men and women on Flirteeast! How can you know that which lover is missing in your life if you have never met? Whether you are looking for excitement with a woman from your city or a man a thousand kilometers far, Flirteeast will connect all adventure loving members. Everything is possible, you just have to decide if you want to cross to the other side.


One-night stands

Our dating site will help you focus on one night: friendship or a sexual encounter. A secret date in a hotel or in the outdoors. Leave your feelings aside, make the correct decision and define your criteria. The hardest part of an extramarital encounter is the possible relationship to a partner. It is quite possible to have a one-night stand just by surfing the internet. But there is the risk of your partner finding feelings for you. Then it’s on you to decide whether you want a full-blown relationship. So if you are looking for a no commitment relationship will help you search through member profiles and find a partner just for your needs.


Adultery: an adventure that is mostly a source of pleasure

For a long time adultery has had a negative reputation as a destroyer of relationships. Today, adultery has a privileged status. Really, in todays’ world cheating can save your marriage when the flame is slowly burning out. It has never been so widely spread before. There are many reasons to look somewhere else. From the classic relationship boredom caused by everyday routine to the new socially accepted unbridled sexual behaviour. Adultery does not have to have an impact on the feeling one has for his partner. is a dating site open for anyone who wants to take part in extramarital relationships freely, honestly and discreetly.


Guys, have some fun and find yourself a lover

If you have the feeling that your current relationship is missing something, then you’re probably missing out on an affair with a married woman. The midlife crisis demon is knocking on your door and will help you with experience the adventures of cheating. Do you want to seduce girls, feel the satisfaction from new acquaintances, the first days, to once again experience passionate nights? Register and be that happy man who fulfills his desires with discreet meetings with spoken for girls.


Ladies, are you looking for an adventure, flirt or romance?

Has your current relationship fallen in a rut? Don’t despair! Even though the flame of passion is going out in your relationship, it’s still burning strong in you. The time has come for a change and for you to use to find new lovers that are looking for new sexual encounters. You can meet, have dinner and find new sexual pleasure. offers you a reliable way to discreetly meet with new people. is a large site with powerful tools for successful extramarital encounters

There are as many life styles as there are members. The more powerful search tools the site can offer you, the more pleasantly surprised you will be. On you can meet people from various settings, of various callings and with various social statuses. will help you realize encounters that you could not even imagine. gives you the possibility to select members with who you would like to stay in contact with. At first, you look at their profiles, exchange a few messages and on you go to getting to know each other better. On you can live you extramarital life with joy and without any stress.


She said she had a boyfriend – what to do now?

You talk with a girl and after few sentences she says that she has a boyfriend. What will you do then? Or it has been a long time you like a girl but she is not single, what then?

If you hear a phrase „I have a boyfriend", you must distinguish short-term and long-term pressure.

If it is only a picking-up phrase (you just met her), then don´t react to the word „boyfriend" and just ignore it.



A long-winded online correspondence is pointless

There are people who spend a lot of free time online replacing real communication by the virtual one. I think if you want to meet somebody, a long-winded correspondence is pointless. A physical date is a physical date.

The Internet is relatively a young medium and it can seem to be a very suitable place for meeting people. It is really huge and almost everyone can use it. Why not but it cannot substitute a face-to-face meeting. You can hardly smell a woman via Facebook, you hardly see her smile, her reactions to your touch etc.



Advice for women: How to find a man?

I chanced on few women who asked me: „But what about me? What shall I do to meet somebody? "

If you ask women about their dreamed-of man, they mostly answer nonsense like „he should be nice, he should love children"etc. Why is it nonsense? Because women are finally with the men that don´t correspond to this profile. In extreme cases they are finally with lechers and bastards and similar ones.



What to talk about after addressing a girl?

Boys ask me: I addressed a girl but I didn´t have anything to talk about with her. What shall I say after addressing her?

According to my opinion it is the best to be totally sincere. I chanced on some instructions on the Internet such as it is good to prepare some story before you meet the girl or even more; somebody invents some in advance made-up picking-up stories.



Don´t be afraid to growl at her

Are you convinced that the better way to pick up a girl is to give her a flower? That you must mainly respect and appreciate her? If you had a fight, then you must always apologize to her? Then this article may show you how wrong you were.

Imagine a man as a solid tall tree and a woman as a liana that surrounds the tree. Woman is more flexible, less stable and takes a shape according to the man.



What kind of photo to use for online dating

jakou fotku_na_seznamkuThe most effective men´s photo for online dating is:

  • Don´t smile, a bit worse result for smile and the worst for a flirting facial expression.
  • It is better not to watch the lens.
  • The best combination is „don´t watch the lens and don´t smile".
  • Photos taken by yourself are a bit better (e.g. by webcam or cell phone) than the classical ones taken by somebody else.
  • If you have a perfect body (worked out thanks to sport activities) then there is no reason to hide it, show it topless :-) Be careful because this advantage is on the downgrade with higher age. Technically speaking nobody cares if a man in his thirties shows muscles or not, but if a 19 years old boy shows it, it is much more effective.



How to pick up a woman – instructions, suggestions, tips & tricks for men

Men as hunters are required to be those who take the initiative and make contact. If we exaggerate, it is possible to say that girls just need to sit and smile. Man has to be the one who should make efforts. If you are searching for a piece of advice or a manual how to pick up a woman, read carefully this page. It can become a good mentor to you.

Nevertheless, the problem is often based on the efforts. Not everybody is gifted with the ability to improvise in all circumstances and not everybody is able to keep his charm and humor for longer time. Therefore it can be difficult to make contact and the efforts become frantic.



What can you find out about her

You can never be a hundred per cent sure about the others. Especially, in meeting people online the insecurity can be high. You meet a new girl. Would you like to check up on her? There are some hints how to do that:

To search anything -

If the girl gives you her e-mail address, phone number, name or whatever, you can try to look it up on Everyone knows how it works.



To be gallant or not while seducing a woman?

Talking about seducing women, some men have various principles. A man often wants to be gallant in any case, almost let´s say fawning better than gallant. „I want to be nice so that she likes me. " he defends himself.

Women don´t long for excessively gallant men. Men who overtake them out of breath in order to open the door for her; who snatch away their coat or hold a handbag with a hankie and a pen.