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Jana 45

"My husband started to be a boring and lazy lover. So I took the bull by the horns. I admit, it’s not too easy to cheat on such a good person. Of course I do sometimes have a twinge of remorse and the organization of a parallel life is complicated. But it’s worth the difficulties. Now I know the feeling of ecstasy with single men and sometimes even with a married man that has fallen in the same rut as I. Together we experience the most intensive moments that fill my life with joy."


Monika 26

"I like men just too much, to isolate myself within a relationship. I am single and I like married men. I look for new experiences in bed and I must say that besides one or two exceptions, I have always been very pleased with my partners. I am the accomplice of their secret lives and that multiplies my pleasure."


Sára 37

"I would just like to assure the ladies that want to experience something new. You can cheat on your husband without him noticing. Just be careful with organizing your day, show some ingenuity and most importantly, act naturally. Be very careful not to change your lifestyle and that nobody suspects anything. I do not want to raise suspicion but rather pleasure."


Patricia 31

"It has become a habit of mine to have a look at my favorite dating sites as soon as I get home or sometimes even before I leave my office. It is so easy to have a good time these days, to flirt and feel the thrill from a forbidden relationship. I love these quick hook ups. Flirteeast gives me total freedom in finding new encounters."


David 29

"I never thought of cheating until that day when I met a girl on my holiday. Our relationship developed through discreet meetings to secret text messages. We had to create a quite unbelievable strategy to stay unexposed. Our family holiday stayed a family holiday! But those sweet moments alone were pure happiness. I felt like a small boy in love for the first time again. Flirteeast enables me to organize discreet dates, just as I wish."


Tomáš 27

"I got married very young and it’s been a few months since I first started cheating on my wife. I had doubts about the future of our marriage and this sparked my need to look for new people. My new encounters strengthened our marriage. Today, we are going through a fulfilling love life with intensive sexuality. Since my first adventures, my wife and I have never been so happy."  

Jan 49

"Women that cheat on their men are always arguing about their terrible sexual life. But when women get to a certain age, they too stop pretending to play the seduction game. This was the exact case of my wife, so I started looking for new acquaintances. My desires are now met with partners that are willing to exploit their womanly charm, no matter their age."


Petr 38

"It took me a while to admit to myself I am homosexual. I am married and have a great wife that loves me, but just doesn’t fulfill my physical need for men. On Flirteeast, I can meet people as myself. We can experience passionate nights together as well as share our most secret thoughts."