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Don´t be afraid to growl at her

Are you convinced that the better way to pick up a girl is to give her a flower? That you must mainly respect and appreciate her? If you had a fight, then you must always apologize to her? Then this article may show you how wrong you were.

Imagine a man as a solid tall tree and a woman as a liana that surrounds the tree. Woman is more flexible, less stable and takes a shape according to the man. When the wind blows, she waves. Man helps her to reach the sunny place and steadiness. They both are in symbiosis. If the liana tries to snatch off the tree, it must meet with resistance or the liana just snatches off the tree with itself and digs them a grave. The liana shouldn´t be able to move the solid tree.

Relationships work on a similar way. As long as the tree is stable enough, the liana does well. If the tree slackens, it isn´t suitable for the liana. If the liana feels so good that it bended the tree under its pressure, talking in long-term conditions, it will lose on it because the tree will pull down.

Men, don´t let you bend! Nobody will benefit from it

Imagine this situation. Johnny is used to go for a beer with his friends every Friday. He has this habit quite long time. And suddenly, he has a relationship. However, his new girlfriend doesn´t like that he prefers to go for a beer with his friends to spend time with her. What shall Johnny do now? It is often like it will turn out well somehow. He will promise her to do something „not so preferable"with her next time. Or Johnny will slacken and he won´t go for a beer at all. What happened? What has the liana done? And what has the tree done? Who was bended?

It isn´t about beer, trip, friend or a painting that you don´t want to hang in your room. If you let your girlfriend change your life, then you stop being the same, such as at the time when she decided to be with you. Why she is with you. If you put your foot down in that crucial moment, although she won´t be excited, you will keep the relationship.

What about if she starts crying?

We all went through it. Those damp eyes that are going to send you a sign how bad we are that we treat them as a dirty cloth. How can we dare to go for a beer and leave them alone at home?

Women love emotions

Have you ever noticed that girls like drama, actually? They like watching that kind of movies when they need tissues (same with the men). Soap-operas are full of dramatic and heart-rending scenes that are suddenly followed by a gentle kiss. Actually, a shaded tear makes such a beautiful smile that it is worth.

Women enjoy an emotional swing and they require it in some way. That is why they provoke such a drama from time to time even though there is no point. If you have clear and given rules, there is no reason why she should try to bend them. Nevertheless, you are strong men and you keep your principles.

When you show her this isn´t the right way, she will take offence. She will start crying, seething with rage, being bad. She will leave. But if you resist, you will be as strong as a rock. She can look to you for support and rely on you that you will stand by her in good times and bad times. You will be the one with whom she can climb up to the sky.

Adherence to principles raises necessary respect

In spite of the fact that the feminism and equality rules today´s world, a simple rule is still valid: a girl stays with you just in case that she respects you. Your adherence to principles is just that what makes man of you. The man who is appreciated and respected. Despite of the fact what she is just saying.