international dating website

Čeština (Česká republika)English (United Kingdom)Polski (Polska) for singles or people in relationships is a site created mainly for married couples or people in relationships. Singles looking for no commitment relationships or a married person are also welcome. People with the same sexual orientation are welcome too. Our target groups are adults looking for some strange, they like the risk and the fun or they just don’t get what they need from marriage. It will be a community focused on pleasure without a future, but it will also be available to members looking for long-term adventures. Cheating people can ascertain themselves, that they are not the only ones. They can have sexual encounters with fellow countrymen, a member from Berlin, Vienna or Warsaw. We offer only mediation services. Most magazines write about cheating. It has become part of everyday life a kind of pressure valve for marriages. Cheating has become a trivial and natural social phenomenon of todays’ society.