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General Conditions of Flirteeast


The subject matter of these general conditions is the definition of functionality of the Flirteeast website, further on referred to as services and conditions of use. The access and use of Flirteeast expects the unconditional acceptance and compliance of these conditions. These conditions represent an agreement between Flirteeast and the user.

In case the user does not agree to accept the complete General Conditions or he is willing to accept only a part, he will be requested to log out and stop using the service.


Flirteeast is a complex service specialized in virtual encounters of people for personal reasons and the development of social networking of individuals with a noncommercial nature. Flirteeast would like to address rather single people without commitments but also open-minded married people.

User: A User is every person who is using Flirteeast or at least one of its services.

Member: A Member is an identified person on the Flirteeast website.

Username: Under Username it is understood the selected name of a user for the purpose of identification within the Flirteeast website and for logging in and accessing pages reserved for registered Users.

Password: The Password is confidential information that should be kept secret by the User; together with the Username identification on the website is possible.

Access to services

The devices (computer, software, telecommunication devices, etc.) that are used to access services are the sole responsibility of the User who carries the full cost of their usage. For a User to become a member of Flirteeast, he/she has to be at least 18 years of age and fill in all required fields located in the registration form. The member guarantees that all such information is truthful. The User obliges himself/herself to immediately inform Flirteeast about any changes of such information and to personally update this information on his/her Flirteeast profile. If all conditions necessary for registration are met, the User will receive a login and password; these are confidential and should not be shared with any third party. Should the Member use or transfer these data in a manner not in compliance with the reason he/she has become a member, Flirteeast shall terminate his/her membership. Each Member is responsible for the misuse of such data by a third party as well as for the actions undertaken by his/her identity whether they are deceptive or not. Flirteeast is not obliged to check the identity of a Flirteeast registered person nor has it the technical possibilities. Flirteeast cannot be held liable for any Member identity theft.

If any Member has the suspicion that another person is using his/her identification data for his/her own purpose, then he/she should immediately inform Flirteeast. Each Member may have only one registration. Members with more than one registration shall have their accounts terminated. Members undertake not to state any information of a sexual, obscene, or discriminatory nature.

Members confirm they will not create profiles for the purpose of provoking or controversy; they will not publish links to other websites; they will use only one nickname and registration per person and that their profile will state their actual sex; i.e. if you are a man you will not state that you are a female. Each Member agrees to stop all communication with a person that has explicitly disagreed to be in contact with him/her.

Flirteeast reserves the right to delete any seemingly fake profile without prior notice. Flirteeast reserves the right to refuse any request for the reactivation of a cancelled profile. Any User that protests against the cancelation of a Member's profile may have his/her own profile canceled. Flirteeast reserves the right to consider the possible cancellation of User data for a profile that has been or has not been cancelled. Whether a membership has been terminated or not, Members surrender all rights for any financial compensation from Flirteeast and its administrators. Members agree with the gathering, transfer, archiving and use of their personal information by the Flirteeast website. Should a Member not abide or not want to abide any relevant laws and all provisions of this Agreement he/she forfeits the right for any claims, law suits or compensation from Flirteeast and its administrators. Members agree to reimburse Flirteeast for any compensation of costs and damages occurred to Flirteeast due to his/her violation of these General Conditions.

Member may not impersonate any other person or entity, publish in your profile any personal contact information. This includes but is not restricted to, email addresses, telephone numbers, postal addresses, instant messengers' details (e.g. ICQ, MSN, Skype numbers/usernames, etc), web site URLs, etc. Any personal contact information will be removed.

Member photographs

Members oblige themselves to publish only real personal pictures of themselves; to not use photographs to which they do not own the copyright, e.g. celebrity photos, newspaper photos, photos from the internet, etc.

Members oblige themselves to not publish nude photographs or photographs in any way obscene; photographs of weapons or anything associated with violence; photographs with links to other websites, emails, telephone numbers, cellphone numbers or containing any other personal information. Flirteeast reserves the right to delete inappropriate photographs without prior notice.

Rules of use

Members oblige themselves not to share information that they have received from other Members without the consent of such Members. Members oblige themselves to not share any slanderous information or information that could damage the reputation of another person. Members oblige themselves not to be coarse, not to harass other Members, not to threaten them, insult or ridicule them as well as not to exploit them for purchases of any product, for customer acquisition, for prostitution and that he/she will not commit identity theft.

Members oblige themselves not to publish any content that supports illegal or criminal activities, mainly illegal weapon sales and production, disturbing the privacy of any person and the distribution or creating of computer viruses.

Members oblige themselves to not publish anything containing spam, mailing, promo messages and unwanted mail. Members oblige themselves to not publish anything containing brutal and sexual exploitation of another person. Members oblige themselves to not share any information or use software or viruses, spam, etc. that could hinder the normal usage of services, decrease or interrupt normal communication between Members.

Tips on how to use Flirteeast

Flirteeast would like to remind its Members that there may be risks of meeting with underage internet users or with unfamiliar users whose intentions may be fraudulent or criminal. Please be careful when using the internet and dating or chatting services. Take a moment and think each first encounter through. If you decide to meet your contact then it is best to meet in a public place and to inform a third person about where, when and with who you will be meeting as well as when you expect to return.

Flirteeast cannot guarantee a Member's identity, so please bear this in mind when contacting other Members.

Because Flirteeast cannot in any way intervene in the communication of users; Members free Flirteeast and its representatives and employees of any claims for damages that could arise from an encounter of Members.

Member responsibilities

Members and users of this website carry the sole responsibility for messages they send, profile content they post, photographs they publish and for any other provided information they choose to make public via this site or beyond this site. Flirteeast is not responsible for such messages. The Members free Flirteeast and its administrators of any claims.


Flirteeast does not guarantee the services that it provides. Flirteeast does not guarantee that this website will be constantly available and functioning without errors, server downtimes, lags, management issues or similar. Flirteeast cannot be held liable for any errors, data loss or membership termination. Flirteeast does not guarantee that all messages sent to moderators or administrators will be answered. Flirteeast cannot guarantee that the General Conditions and content of this website will be respected by all its Members and visitors.

Flirteeast reserves the right to change the content or General Conditions as found necessary and that without prior notice.


Flirteeast reserves the right to charge a fee for the use and access of this website. These services are charged for. The services can be paid for by credit card upon registration or when extending a membership. The credit card of a Member will not be charged without previous explicit consent. Payments are secured according to valid legislation.


A registered user may freely and without charge decide to terminate his/her registration at Flirteeast. This request shall be performed the following workday from that it had been received. Flirteeast will not reimburse payments made regarding registrations made at Flirteeast.


Logging in generates free (basic) membership for the customer with Flirteeast. This membership is subject to the stipulations of these General Terms and Conditions.

The customer will receive an email upon login confirming the conclusion of a contract for free (basic) membership.

An order for paid (VIP) membership is sent clicking on the "next" button and is concluded once a logged in member enters payment details for such membership and sends it to Flirteeast.

The customer will be informed of the contents of such paid services, related prices and payment conditions before entering into paid (VIP) membership.

Such paid (VIP) membership is created at the moment the customer receives a confirmed order via email from Flirteeast. Anyone can register for free, simply complete the personality test, save a profile and update it regularly. Customers who have registered for free (basic) membership can sign up for paid (VIP) membership at any time. Before signing up for a paid (VIP) membership, the customer will be informed of all paid services and payment conditions. A contract with the customer is formed at the moment the customer clicks on the confirmation link on an order for paid (VIP) membership along with all payment obligations. The payment of the membership fee for the selected period must be transferred to the Flirteeast bank account. The customer provides Flirteeast with authorization to complete payment once a paid (VIP) membership is concluded. Payment of the selected membership fee must be transferred to the Flirteeast bank account. Flirteeast cannot guarantee any facilitation of contact or relationships. For this reason, Flirteeast is not liable if no such contacts or relationships occur over the duration of membership. A simple click confirms a paid (VIP) membership order and all related payment obligations.

Rights – Lawsuits

Lawsuits or litigations shall be undertaken at a court located in the country of the defendant. Any questions or problems with the interpretation of these General Conditions shall be done in compliance with the laws valid in the country of the defendant.


All the content and services of Flirteeast, particularly the graphics, videos, logos, registered trademarks and domain names as "Flirteeast" are the exclusive property of Flirteeast and may not be copied, used or represented without the prior written consent of Flirteeast. It is strictly forbidden to create links leading to this website.

The user transfers copyrights to his/her photos and general content to Flirteeast. This entitles Flirteeast to use a part or complete webpages in its promotional materials as well its webpages and that in even a modified form.


Claims service and complaints are handled individually. Flirteeast deals with claims by phone +421 918 206 111 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Claims are settled in shortest possible time.


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