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To be gallant or not while seducing a woman?

Talking about seducing women, some men have various principles. A man often wants to be gallant in any case, almost let´s say fawning better than gallant. „I want to be nice so that she likes me. " he defends himself.

Gallantry and seducing women – how is it?

Women don´t long for excessively gallant men. Men who overtake them out of breath in order to open the door for her; who snatch away their coat or hold a handbag with a hankie and a pen.

Certain level of gallantry is disarming but it must give a spontaneous impression.

At the beginning of seduction less is more but it always depends on the situation. If there isn´t an emotional level yet, then it is quite embarrassing to be too gallant. Then the man looks like a looser who has no other opportunity or a moron who dumps her as soon as he gets her.

On the other hand, it can be a bit funny if you go with a girl for a coffee for 30 CZK and at the end you dramatically say „we pay separately". You as a man can make a fool of yourself.

You are not a doorkeeper

Another funny situation can be caused when a woman enters the door as first and a man doesn´t let her and diligently gets ahead in order to open the door.

The funniest is if the woman goes faster than the man and he just overtakes her to be the first in the door. Everything in moderation. If you enter first, it is enough just to hold them for a moment and don´t have expression on your face like a doorkeeper.

A girl brought up in gallant way knows very well how fast to go when the door is nearby. If you meet a less gallant girl, don´t try to overtake her. If she wants to open the door by her own, let her do it.

Seducing women by a slight gallantry

Minor details can give her the right feeling and when you combine it with the cheek, you can get her in a sentimental mood.

It is all about giving the natural impression. She must have a pleasant feeling that the man is standing behind her back. Become spontaneously gallant so that you don´t even need to think about it.