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What can you find out about her

You can never be a hundred per cent sure about the others. Especially, in meeting people online the insecurity can be high. You meet a new girl. Would you like to check up on her? There are some hints how to do that:

To search a photo -

It is suitable mainly for online dating. If there is a photo of a girl that seems to you suspiciously pretty, you can try to look it up on

It is a reverse image search – you upload your image or URL and this site finds you all the occurrence of the image on the Internet. You upload the photo and the browser can find it. It is not a hundred per cent sure, but sometimes it meets with success.

To search anything -

If the girl gives you her e-mail address, phone number, name or whatever, you can try to look it up on Everyone knows how it works. It is enough to enter whole name with quotation marks and that´s it. If the girl is really pretty, most likely there are many photos of her (there are many websites for starting models etc., a lot of girls are registered on those websites and you can see their contact and other data).

To search people - – Another information source. A very useful tool to find out her age (just enter name and according to the graduation year you can guess it easily).

To search people - – Specialized browser for people. You enter the name and voilà. It can find much more that Google (Google doesn´t browse on Myspace at all).

To search people - – Again quite clear, you search according to the girl´s profile. Many of them don´t even know that all information about them is public.

To search people - – Another skillful tool, primarily if you have her e-mail address. Enter her nickname on and if she has a profile there, you can find out a lot of interesting information.