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What kind of photo to use for online dating

jakou fotku_na_seznamku

The most effective men´s photo for online dating is:

  • Don´t smile, a bit worse result for smile and the worst for a flirting facial expression.
  • It is better not to watch the lens.
  • The best combination is „don´t watch the lens and don´t smile".
  • Photos taken by yourself are a bit better (e.g. by webcam or cell phone) than the classical ones taken by somebody else.
  • If you have a perfect body (worked out thanks to sport activities) then there is no reason to hide it, show it topless :-) Be careful because this advantage is on the downgrade with higher age. Technically speaking nobody cares if a man in his thirties shows muscles or not, but if a 19 years old boy shows it, it is much more effective.
  • If you aren´t the type of person who can show his muscles, it is better to wear a simple T-shirt rather than to be completely covered.
  • It isn´t necessary at all to show your face on the photo. Photos without face make the same success as photos without face.
  • Popular photo themes: with animals, muscles, interesting activity. The best photo can be where you are half-naked diving and playing with a dog :-)

Successful photos of my friend

My friend (who hasn´t read any surveys but who is experienced in picking up girls) was successful on and he had there following photos:

  • In a fitness centre, a sleeveless T-shirt, showing muscles on his arms (if he had muscles on his belly, he would show it too, but he hasn´t).
  • Standing with two girls on a party, alone in a fur coat, it looked like very funny party, on the photo with two girls everyone watched the lens.
  • with a child (it is somebody else´s child, he has no children)
  • somewhere at the lake, swimming pool, sea or something similar
  • somewhere outside on a summer terrace with some pretty girls

Most of the photos are bad quality taken by a cell phone. On any of the photos he wasn´t smiling like mad, just with a soft smile.

When I watch photos of boys on, I was terrified. I´d say that if somebody takes a photo with a child, with some girls, doing sport and also playing with a dog, then he is fine now :-)

A small test

There are some results of test on chat, on online dating profile and lonely hearts.

  • Online dating profile. It is important what kind of photo you use there. I could send a beautiful message or just totally crazy one and the result was always positive in case of good-looking photos and almost zero result in case of bad photos. I tested my ordinary photo where I am diving and a photo where I am good-looking with a combination with a photo with belly muscles downloaded from the Internet. Absolutely and unbeatably the best result I reached by the last mentioned photo.
  • On the chat. It is a combination of what a man writes and a photo. Girls check their profiles often after few messages and the interest about you is already built a bit. So it means that the photo must be really bad to get the situation worse. However, some girls watch the photo immediately so it can play a part. In fact, I think chat is the worst option to pick up somebody. You spend a lot of time chatting, sending photos and in general you need a lot of time for it. Chat is suitable for meeting people only in the case that you have plenty of time and you are willing to spend many hours by chatting. The efficiency time-result is the worst from all options. Many people are just killing time on the chat. I also came across some girls whose job is undemanding and they spend their working time on the chat (receptionists and nurses). Another disadvantage of the chat is to look for somebody from your neighborhood, there are mixed up all the regions. It´s just killing you to find suitable girls one by one. You need a lot of time for writing.
  • For online dating the vital is a text of lonely hearts. A photo also plays the part but surprisingly I agree with the test opinion – I don´t have to be seen on the photo and in fact it is the same as in the photo where I am seen. Of course that the photo mustn´t be terrible, but you just don´t have to be a model to score in online dating.