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What to talk about after addressing a girl?

Boys ask me: I addressed a girl but I didn´t have anything to talk about with her. What shall I say after addressing her?

What to talk about with a girl? Sincerity and simplicity

According to my opinion it is the best to be totally sincere. I chanced on some instructions on the Internet such as it is good to prepare some story before you meet the girl or even more; somebody invents some in advance made-up picking-up stories. Telling these stories don´t fit to me much and I don´t think it is a good choice to prepare something extra before. Rather it is necessary to be in a right mood. A shy boy sometimes doesn´t even know what to say, in that case I have a piece of advice.

A Hook

If I really don´t know (and this often happens because I´m off the beam, nervous or tired) then I use „a hook". I address a girl and I talk so long until she says anything. First few phrases are up to me. It is more than clear that the girl won´t jump around my neck after saying her „Hey, I like you"and she won´t talk to me openly immediately. So I talk and talk until I get any feedback, i.e. until she tells me anything. And then I try to catch hold of it. And what do I talk about? I speak about my current activities.

I start conversation e.g. on the street by saying: „Hey, I like you"and then I say where I´m going and why and where I usually go... If she doesn´t say anything then I ask her where she goes etc. It is important to say something first and then to ask questions. So after addressing a girl don´t start with interrogation, just reveal her something about you and if she doesn´t start talking, then you can ask her something.

Keep the conversation by hook or crook

Some extra rules are useless, leave it and just go ahead and address her. Nobody has met somebody by thinking; it isn´t very possible to meet somebody by thinking. So just address her and forget anything else, just keep the conversation by hook or crook, get as much as you can from it, at least you get new experience for next time. If everything goes well, the best fruit is an instant date, phone number, sex, wife, and children. I´m just kidding.

Don´t run away immediately

Don´t say her good-bye after few minutes of conversation. If you have nothing to say, you can just stand there. She can always leave, so why you should do that.

Let´s try once how long it is possible to keep silent in the conversation. You will be surprised how few words must be said and how much silent can be in the conversation. Many people have a feeling that they must talk and talk all the time. You don´t. Conversations can have various pace. Sometimes it is enough just to stand face to face, from time to time to remark few words and just enjoy a wonderful day. Every day is just made to meet somebody.